2018 Updates.

Just a few headline updates for the forthcoming season,

  • Dates for the season. Start 28th April, finish 25th August, extra date on the 1st September for re arranged matches.
  • All Clubs Meeting 9th April. League Dinner 12th October, AGM 19th November.
  • Divisions are finalised and Mike is finishing off the fixtures. We have an Executive Meeting on the 22nd January to agree some detail and shortly after we will publish fixtures for you all to check and make sure we have not double booked anybody.
  • Some of the 42 Laws of Cricket were revised in October 2017, some will effect us and we will have to get some pre season training done for Captains and Club Umpires. We are considering doing the training the same night as the All Clubs Meeting which is Monday 9th April. Since that meeting is really only to receive some reports from the Executive which can be circulated beforehand and to collect balls, result sheets etc then if we start onetime we should have the meeting done by 8pm and then if the captains can attend we can do the updates. I would expect us to be done by 9.30pm.
  • The above waist height full pitch will disappear from our regulation and the new Law of Cricket (41.7) will apply. We have taken the advice of the Umpires on this and this is what they have requested.
  • A couple of changes already agreed, reduced overs from a maximum of 12 to 10 in Divisions 1-3 and now 8 in Division 4.
  • A fielding circle in Division 2 to mirror division 1. Clubs will need white discs to mark it out. 30 yards semi circle at each end measured from the middle stump both semi circles joined by parallel lines. Minimum of 4 fielders in the circle plus the bowler and keeper, captains to note.
  • We have relaxed some of the appearance requirements for the junior KO Cup particularly in the later stages.
  • Introduced some restriction on senior team players playing in the lower sides when a senior match is cancelled or re arranged, can still play but in a restricted role.
  • Changed the qualification for the annual league awards to the batsmen who score the most runs and the bowlers who take the most wickets.
  • Annual General Meetings: I need your updates for the website contact details, let me know even if there are no changes in your club.

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